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The world renowned Alchemy Gothic brand from England has been producing exceptional designer items for special tastes since 1977.  A business which began with alternative skull jewelry now encompasses a wide range of accessories, clothes, stationery, calendars, crockery, leather goods and last but not least, puzzles!
Oscar M. Barrientos
South American artist Oscar M. Barrientos was born in Uruguay practically with his drawing pencil in his hand.  He now lives in Germany and loves 19th century European painting.  He also works as a fast cartoonist, teaches illustration and design and is a leading member of the cartoonist' association FECO.
Roger Blachon
The French artist Roger Blachon is one of the most famous cartoonists in his country.  He published his works in diverse magazines, but also illustrated children's books.  His diversity is best shown, among other things, in that he won both the "grand prize for white humor" and the "grand prize for black humor".  He died in 2008.
Robert H. Crisp
Even in his school days, South African artist Robert J. Crisp entertained his fellow students with all kinds of funny cartoons.  His fine nose for amusing situational humor and scurrilous details make his cartoons true goldmines of fun.  In addition to puzzle fans, this also delights his various clients in the realm of industry and advertising.
Marino Degano
The cartoon artist Marino Degano is at home in many cultures.  He was born in Italy, grew up in Germany and currently lives in France, and so is well acquainted with the little idiosyncrasies, corners and edges of European citizens, and does not shy away in the slightest from using this as the core of his charming ironic masterpieces.
Mélainie Delon
After her studies in art history, the young French artist Mélanie Delon discovered digital art.  Since then, she prefers to spend her time creating worlds and characters.  Especially enchanting are the charming faces of her figures, recorded in intimate moments of seclusion and repose.
The Berlin community of artists eBoy with Steffen Sauerteig, Svend Smital and Kai Vermehr specializes in extremely cool and complex pixel art work, especially isometric urban images.  Big brands such as Adidas, Coca Cola, and Levi's have featured this artwork in their advertising campaigns.  eBoy as also been published in the NY Times magazine, Spiegel magazine, Zeit newspaper, and shown on MTV.
Victoria Francés (Favole)
The Spanish artist and author Victoria Francés transports viewers of her expressive paintings into an exciting world full of romance, mystery and passion.  In her paintings she dares to take a fascinating look into the dark, the magical and the dangerous, which always produces an exciting and enticing effect.
Sarah Kay
The Australian artist, Sarah Kay originally started painting her fairy tale children's worlds with their delightful protagonists to entertain her sick daughter.  The drawings are influenced by her own happy childhood and were a success as postcards right from the very start.
Igor Kravarik
After studying law and training as a pianist, Swiss artist Igor Kravarik opted for a completely different professional direction:  he became  an illustrator and cartoonist.  He develops his ultra modern, teeming images professionally on his computer. Despite the large numbers of people who he pictures, he always succeeds in giving every figure an individual face.
Jean-Jacques Loup
The French artist Jean-Jacques Loup majored as an architect.  This is immediately obvious in his ingenious puzzle mortifes.  Loup doesn't flinch from the naked facts in his eye-catching and detailed designs, but in spite of this cheekiness he always remains disarmingly funny.
Guillermo Mordillo
The Argentinian artist Guillermo Mordillo is one of the big fish in his field.  He created the irreplaceable and stupendously likeable pug-nosed little man. which made him and his cartoons famous all over the world.  They make you grin, gape, dream and think again and again, completely without words.
Octavio Ocampo
The picture puzzles by Mexican artist Octavio Ocampo are fascinating.  You have to look at least twice, as the image you see from a distance is quite different to what you see close up.  From the many small details illustrated, and astonishing composition emerges.  An exquisite playground for the eye.
Chris Ortega
The young Spanish artist Cris Ortega is starting out on a highly promising career.  She began with comics and illustrations for diverse magazines, fantasies and books.  Her first publication "Forgotten" enchants with its profound beauty and atmospheric depth and is a collection of her best works to date.
Hugo Prades
In his homeland, Spanish artist Hugo Prades is in the vanguard of comic artists.  He began writing his own stories when he was just twelve years old, becoming a sought after illustrator after completing his studies in architecture.  He enjoys dedicating himself to painting images of high spirited festivities and celebrations.
Luis Royo
Spanish artist Lois Royo is particularly fond of placing strong and beautiful women in the center of his detailed rich works.  With a perfect airbrush technique, he creates unusually expressive characters, creatures of fantasy and dream worlds which attract and firmly hold the attention of the viewer.  The subsequent return to reality can sometimes be hard.
Michael Ryba
The German artist Michael Ryba studied with the famous Joseph Beuys, before he established himself deep in the Black Forest and began to put his monumental master cartoons into puzzle form.  His lovable illustrations can also be found in numerous books, exhibitions and special projects e.g. the design of a school.
Stefen Theurer
After having studied applies graphic design, German artist Stefan Theurer worked as a free-lance illustrator, cartoonist and author.  He draws his characters in loving detail by hand before adding the finishing touches via computer.  The result is action-packed and images of a teeming and colorful chaos.
Rosina Wachtmeister
The successful artist Rosina Wachtmeister is know in particular for her imaginative and colorful paintings of cats.  her pictures are poetic, fairytale declarations of love for the South, in particular Italy, where she lives in an inspiring idyll together with her many cats and other animals.
Yellow Submarine
The Beatles album "Yellow Submarine" formed the basis of the animated film of the same name from the year 1968. It is considered to be one of the most interesting works of film art of that era. The combination of the absurd and original humor of the songs with the trend-setting illustrations of the cartoonist Heinz Edelmann still appeals to every generation today.
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